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Rotary Engraving Articles

Rotary engraving is still the go-to process for engraving metal, jewelry, and other fine products and creating ADA-compliant signage. Also known as computerized engraving, rotary engraving allows you precision and control on a nearly endless list of substrates. Learn more about the technology and its many possibilities.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act was created in 1990 with one goal: to prohibit unjustified discrimination based on disability. This act requires employers to make reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities and also requires accessibility for public accommodations.
With each new media, trend watchers predicted the doom of its predecessor. Television was going to kill radio, mp3s were supposed to destroy compact discs, and the Internet was to end print publications.
For ARA retailers and suppliers, the intricacies of the Americans with Disabilities Act can make ADA signage a cash cow or a big headache. You can ensure it becomes a profit center for your company by doing plenty of research in advance to be certain you have the knowledge and capabilities required—or having a supplier who can do all that heavy lifting for you. Recognition Review can give you the basics to make a decision about whether this market is right for you.
For awards and personalization retailers looking to expand their customer base, engravable plastics offer a world of creative possibilities. Already armed with rotary and laser engravers, retailers today are using plastics to create custom signage, awards, name badges, desk plates, and even electronic control panels, to name a few products.
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