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Social Media Toolkit

Social media is an extension of your brand. It is an important means to share your personal story, display your company’s culture and personality, and connect with your customers. The social media toolkit is a powerful tool for you to get your products and services in front of the right people and increase your sales.

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Getting Started with Social Media

The social media marketing toolkit is specifically tailored for you, the awards and personalization retailers. Whether you are familiar with social media marketing or are brand new, this toolkit will serve as your guide and resource with clear actionable steps to enhance your business.

Why is Social Media Important?

Social media provides a cost-effective means to market your business and drive traffic to your website to convert sales opportunities.

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Important Considerations Before Launching Social Media Strategies

As a reminder, the social media marketing toolkit is only one important piece of the puzzle in growing your business. There is a lot of research, reflecting, and foundational work that must be done prior to launching a successful social media strategy.

Preparing Your Website

What’s the customer experience like when they visit your website? Is it easy for them to navigate and find the information they need? Or is it a barrier for them to purchase your products? In order for your social media strategy to be effective, it’s vital to do a review of your exisiting website.

  • Webinar Resource: Boost Your Web Presence to Harness the Shop Local Trend, 2020, Eddie Hill, CRM, Award Master's Inc.

Choosing the Right Social Media Channels

Who are your customers and where will you find them? You don’t have to be everywhere at once, especially if it doesn’t make sense for your business, but how do you know which channels are right for you?

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Managing Your Social Media Posts

Managing social media can be a full-time job, so knowing your capacity and capabilities is key. There are a variety of tools that can help you manage your posts efficiently and effectively.

Building a Content Calendar

Relevant and timely posts gain the most traction. Learn steps to create a series of posts that can speak to topics that align with your products and company.

  • Expo Education Resource: 110: Social Media: How to Create Awareness, Likes, and Engagement

Creating Ad Campaigns

Discover the different types of campaigns and tips to make the most out of your social media budget.

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