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Recent praise of participation awards!


"Emphasizing participation over results early on will bring far more kids into the game. And what's important about that? Studies overwhelmingly show that participation in sports is linked to better grades, lower dropout rates and, particularly among girls, an increased desire to attend college." Jason Powers, Science Says Participation Trophies Are a Big Win for the Little Ones, Huffington Post

"For me, winning is what happens when I put a photo of that one kid who doesn’t get to play much on the front page of the newspaper, and they get to remember that not everybody was blessed with the same talent, but that should never stop you from being willing to join a team and believing that no matter what Jeff Walz says, you are not a loser if you know your place. So my suggestion is that you take that participation trophy home and put it somewhere you can remember that there was a time you were a part of the team."  Nicholas Mattson, Winning Awards and Life, Paso Robles Press

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with the best player getting a trophy, but there's also nothing wrong with everyone getting a little medal that says, 'You were here with us. You didn't quit. You tried, and that matters.'" Jef Rouner, Participation Awards Don't Suck. You Suck., Houston Press

“I’d rather give kids recognition when they try their best but still come up short rather than continue pushing the idea that a simple game is a “win or else” situation.”

Charlie Brook,  "Are participation trophies really hurting our kids?,"


“In many cases, a participation trophy may help transform these kids into the athletes they aspire to be. In other cases, it does something much more. It teaches kids the importance of commitment, whatever that commitment may be. It teaches you the importance of showing up.”
Aaron Weinbaum, “Learning to Win,” The Huffington Post

“Sports teach kids a lot of life lessons. We need to do things that get them involved in sports, not push them away.”
Will Gaines, “Participation trophies aren’t that bad,” The Anniston (AL) Star

 Participation trophies are…a simple recognition of the time and effort that went into a season. When I give them out, I say a little bit about how each kid contributed to the team, whether through their energy, their skill or their spirit. There's always something to praise.”
John Keilman, “In defense of the participation trophy,” Chicago Tribune


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