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Track Your CEUs

CEU Record-Keeping Requirements

The APA professional certification program helps you demonstrate your passion and professional advancement to potential customers. Beginning in 2014, enrollees began tracking their own certified education units (CEUs). This allows enrollees to monitor their progress toward achieving their certification goal. APA is providing enrollees with their transcript, an Excel document for tracking their CEUs, and instructions for its use.


Only CEUs earned beginning January 1, 2014, need to be tracked using this Excel tracking form. You can manually enter credits from your transcript into the file if you choose. There is a space at the top of the document to record the number of credits you have earned. This is the number on the bottom of your transcript. The Excel document will automatically tally CEUs for ease of tracking. Update the Excel document each time you participate in an approved educational activity. Retain supporting documents, such as your APA-provided evaluation forms. If you prefer to go paperless, supporting documents can be scanned and kept in an electronic file with the provided CEU tracking form. If you need to track your CEUs on paper, print out the provided form to tally the credits by hand.

Programs with CEU Credits

Refer to these documents for education programs with CEU credits:

Using the Form

Begin by entering the total number of previously earned CEU credits from your transcript.

  • Date: Insert the date the course was completed.
  • Session Name & Presenter: Enter the name of the course and the instructor.
  • Sponsor: Enter the organization that sponsored the education session.
  • Format: Please indicate how the session was presented (e.g., seminar, webinar, college class, etc.).
  • CEUs Earned: One hour of class time equals .10 CEU. For example, a seminar lasting 1.5 hours would equal .15 CEU credits. Indicate with an X whether the session was technical, business, or marketing related. Remember to record in CEUs, not hours.
  • Verification: This field is for office use only.
  • Total CEUs: Shows the total number of all CEU credits listed by category
  • Total Combined CEUs: Shows the total number of all CEUs earned

Submitting Records

When enrollees attain the required number of credits for certification, they must submit their records (using the association’s provided CEU tracking form) to the APA’s Education Committee chair. Other forms will not be accepted. APA has the right to audit enrollees’ submitted CEU records. If you are audited, you will be asked to provide documents supporting the submitted CEU form. The form must be submitted no less than 1 month prior to the International Awards & Personalization Expo to be considered for CRS or CRM designation at the Annual Member Meeting.

Need More Information?

Each hour of approved industry education is worth .1 CEU. Certified Recognition Specialists (CRSs) have earned at least 7 CEUs (70 hours), while Certified Recognition Masters (CRMs) have earned at least 17 CEUs (170 hours) and written an approved thesis.

If you have any questions, please contact APA headquarters, Alisha Coplin at

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