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Business Operations Toolkit
Business Operations Toolkit

Identifying and incorporating processes to run a successful business is critical to your success. Our business operations toolkit will act as a guide to help you make the best decisions before you open a business through the early years of operation.

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Getting Started with Business Operations

The business operations toolkit is a resourceful guide to help you make informed decisions about operating a business efficiently and successfully. This guide is essential to anyone looking to open a business or companies who've been operating for a few years and want to enhance their operation.

The topics are primarily focused on retailers in the awards and personalization industry.

Defining your Business

Prior to starting a business, it's important to have a business plan in place to use as a road map to success. The business plan will help you identify what needs to be considered prior to opening a retail business, and guide you to successful strategies when you open.

  • Web Resource: Different types of business structures and tax implications
  • Webinar Resource: Awards 101: Marketing Webinar, 2010, Sam Varn, CRM, Awards4U
  • Webinar Resource: Awards 101: Production Webinar, 2010, Sam Varn, CRM, Awards4U
  • Insights Articles
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    • Finding Your Niche Part I
    • Finding Your Niche Part II
    • How to Win Customers

Financial Considerations

Understanding your financial obligations in advance is key to operating a successful business. View the resources below to help you make the best decision to operate profitably.

  • Leasing vs owning equipment
    • Webinar Resource: Financing Your Equipment: The Good, the Bad, the Misunderstood, 2018, Carey Kroll, Geneva Capital
    • Insights Article: Equipment Leasing 101
  • Web Resource: Explore types of bank accounts for small business owners and select the one(s) that make the most sense for you.
  • Credit card processing options
  • Things to consider when pricing products
    • Industry Trends Survey
  • Get familiar with standard accounting practices
    • Webinar Resource: Getting the Most from Quickbooks in the Personalization Industry, 2018, Cody Stewart, Eternity Creations
    • Webinar Resource: Awards 101: Finance Webinar, 2010, Sam Varn, CRM, Awards4U

Operating Efficiently

Once you open, make it a habit to review your processes and policies often to ensure you are mazimizing your time and resources. Make sure your equipment is maintained according to the vendor specifications, and your order processing and inventory mangement system compliments production turn-around time.

  • Webinar Resource: Stop. Think. Manage!, 2015, Dave Fellman, David Fellman and Associates
  • Webinar Resource: Awards 101: Management Webinar, 2010, Sam Varn, CRM, Awards4U
  • Insights Article: Product Safety

Supplier Partnership

APA will introduce you to industry suppliers, new techniques and equipment to expand your business and diversify your product line.

  • Supplier Search Tool
  • Insights issue: Supplier Directory, August 2020
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