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UV Printer Maintenance Guidelines

How do you ensure your valuable equipment will be up and running after a period of downtime?

Read out what some leading UV printer manufacturers recommend for keeping your printers primed and ready to go, even when they are not being used on a regular basis. We encourage you to follow these best practices and preventative maintenance procedures so you are prepared to fill those orders when business resumes.    

Vendor Specific Maintenance Requirements

LogoJET, PDS Equipment, and Direct Color Systems provided tips on how to maintain your printer. Review the printer and model type that is right for you.

logojet printerLogoJET 

LogoJET specializes in short run, full color decorating, LogoJET continues to develop, market and distribute light industrial solutions worldwide to custom imprinters, promotional product suppliers, engravers and the sign digital graphic industry.

Contact LogoJET for answers to your specific questions at

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LogoJET Videos and Resources

UV2400 and X Series

Up to 3 days:  Ensure the system is capped properly. Agitate white links before resuming operation.

3+ Days  Push back white ink into bags. Ensure system is capped properly. Flush the white links and primer. Clear print head channels with storage solution.

UV2499 printers  with edible links Stored 3+ days Push the links back. Flush the ink lines and print hear with cleaning solution.

7+ days Push all links back into bags. Ensure system is capped properly. Flush the print head with alcohol. Flush the print head with storage solution. Flush in lines and dampers with alcohol.

Click here to order more storage solution.


Up to 7 days: Ensure the system is capped properly.          Agitate white inks before resuming operation.

7-15 days Short-term Storage Solutions

15+ days: Click here for long-term storage instructions.

The printer storage environment needs to match the temperature and humidity conditions recommended by LogoJET. The print head should always be capped at the end of the storage procedure.




pds mimaki printerPDS Equipment

PDS Equipment PDS Equipment is your source for Mimaki LED UV printers. PDS will match a machine to your specific applications now and into the future.

Contact PDS Equipment for answers to your specific questions at

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PDS Equipment Video and Resource

Mimaki printers have several onboard features to keep machines running optimally. It is important to continue the daily printer maintenance even when the printers are idle. For those of you who do not have access to the printer, or are temporarily closed, please reference our long-term storage options.




direct color system printerDirect Color Systems

Direct Color Systems Direct Color Systems provides innovative products to help customers diversify their business.

Contact Direct Color Systems for answers to your specific questions at:


Regular Printer Maintenance

Make sure regularly scheduled maintenance on your equipment is part of your daily operations to sustain the quality and longevity of your printer.

Visit the UV Printing articles from Insights Magazine to learn more.


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